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Youth M Power. Breaking the unemployment barrier Erasmus +

A 8-day activity in Comaruga Spain aimed at creating a safe international environment in the context of exchanging best work practices with target groups, combining the assumptions of formal and non-formal education
Blended mobility of young people towards empowerment of youth in the context of introducing oneself as employees.
Each organization selected 8 participants: 7 participants (18–30 years old) 1 youth leader (no age limit).During the blended mobility, participants acquired knowledge and skills in the scope of possibilities offered by the labor market. Participants designed their Euro pass CV, create video resume tutorials, white motivation letters, apply for job opportunities and get trained prepare job interviews
During the Blended mobility participants gathered and discuss the unemployment topics, its influence on our life and our influence one economic system.
This initiative will clearly demonstrated young people’s enthusiasm, power and eagerness to clarify out a range of actions.

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This is a one-time action.
Starting on 2021-09-17 and ending on 2021-09-23.
From 08:00 to 08:00.

Action published by:Globers


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