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How to add actions?

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Actions are records that any user can send. It can be a workshop, a festival, an event, an intervention etc. They can be actions that happened in the past, that still happen, or that will happen in the future, in a location that you determine.

-To reinforce the network of creative activists.
-To connect you with other creative activists who are doing a work of your interest.
-To spread your actions, as a portfolio you can share.
-To reinforce the SEO positioning of your project on the web.

Any registered user. If you have not done so, you can register here.

Of course!

So that anyone who sees your action, can know what kind of creative activism takes place in that area. Example: if you made a mural in your neighborhood and someone in that area needs a muralist, they are more likely to contact you.

The location is a static value defined when you add an action. We do not store any personal data about you, only your email address for communications exclusive to this page. We do not sell your data to anyone, and we will not send you advertising from others.

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