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«Creactivers» is an independent non-profit project. Due to our long experience in the socio-cultural, educational and non-violent field, at Global Unity - Sumak Kausay A.C. we understood that there is a need to publicize cultural actions that people like you or us do.

Throughout more than 10 years of experience, we have successfully carried out projects such as "Movimiento por la Tierra", "Laboratorio Social de la Noviolencia", or "Escuela de Paz de Tepito", where we work together with neighbors of the Tepito neighborhood (CDMX), an experience that has given us the opportunity to open ourselves to projects in cities like San Diego (California, USA), Austin (Texas, USA), Quito (Ecuador), Bogota (Colombia), San Jose (Costa Rica), New Delhi (India), Łódź (Poland), Pec pod Sněžkou (Czech Republic) or Adrasan (Turkey).

«Creactivers» is the consolidation of the Network of Young Peacebuilders, a communication and dissemination platform among creative activists, which unites collectives, organizations and individuals who are carrying out non-violent actions at the local, national and international level. Together we do more! Do you have any questions, comments, or would you like to support us in some way?