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Youth Exchange in Georgia and campaign #proudtobeamigrant

On June 19th young people gathered together at Erasmus+ youth exchange “International Dialogue on Migration” in Rustavi, Georgia to learn more about migration and create a social campaign. The goal of the campaign is to spread a positive message about immigrants and the process of migration.

Youngsters did a Rustavi City Tour, interviewed locals and visited a local IDP center, learned about migration policies in different countries, and had 2 guest speakers from local NGOs.

Also the campaign #proudtobeamigrant took place in Rustavi. Youngsters gathered several stories of local migrants in Georgia and took pictures with posters from the campaign, that was prepared in Spain, during the training course. For this campaign we created posters with positive messages about migration and traveled to Tarragona - a big city to spread the message and take photographs for spread the message further. We also created a Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/International-Dialogue-on-Migration-101880645880387



This is a one-time action.
Starting on 2022-06-19 and ending on 2022-06-28.
At 00:00.

Action published by:Globers


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