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Volunteering at PORT OF CALL 2 - European Solidarity Corps

Our Globers Anas, Yan& David travelled from Spain to be part of the amazing opportunity to be part of a volunteers team in Greece.
The European Solidarity Project had 15 international participants and 3 Greek residents in order to ensure the intercultural dimension of the project.
They stated together in the sub-urban environment of Porto Rafti in order to organize a series of recreational and non-formal learning activities for the young people of the local community and the people with mental health issues residing in boarding houses.
They shared a human experience of living together during 2 months in a dreamy training center and use it as a dock to build up an atmosphere of creativity, social inclusion, self-learning and fresh ideas.
On a weekly basis, the training center hosted the volunteers and local youth that in cooperation with your team to organize and implement local educational and sport activities in the area of Porto Rafti , Athens. The intervention of the community included schools, youth clubs and mental health residential facilities.

Twice a week, the training center was visited and the beneficiaries of the two boarding houses of IASIS (the wonderful hosting NGO)
They had the opportunity to connect with them as well as create and facilitate recreational and experiential learning activities for them.
During their journey, the team had the opportunity to create various learning and solidarity activities, events, workshops.
Also campaigns for young people on a local, regional level and national level in various areas, inside the training center of IASIS in
Porto Rafti, outside of it, in the whole community and online.

During the whole journey, the team carried out activities of raising awareness of active participation, democracy, sustainable development, and environment protection, deepening the belonging to the European Community and connecting with youth from around the continent οnline (social media, blogs, video making, newspapers) and in high schools and public spaces (parks, town squares).

Towards the end of their journey, the volunteers organized one big-scale event for the youth localcommunity in order to cultivate solidarity and community involvement and to share all we had learnt.

One of the hidden duties that might be the most important and meaningful was that during these 2 months they had the challenge to live and work together with other Europeans and maintain a home, a kitchen, a garden, a training center and a life together.

Needless to say, it was an amazing learning experience for our Globers and their volunteering work had an great impact in the local community.

Thanks to IASIS for a lifetime experience!!

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This is a one-time action.
Starting on 2021-01-15 and ending on 2021-05-15.
From 08:00 to 08:00.

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