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Erasmus + Training ICT Tools for Adult Education

ICT Tools for Adult Education Led by Globers

ICT tools for adult education: comeptences on usage the ICT tools for adults education, learning the various ICT tools, learning how to use the ICT tools for education, gaining competencies how to create the online platform, creating the tutorials for English classrooms based on improv with the ICT tools. Developing the ideas on how to use the other ICT tools to enrich our project and increase the quality of English teaching.

The main aim of the activity is to train the participants (adult educators) in the usage and creation of the ICT tools for educational purposes. The activity's goal is to give the participants competencies on how to use the ICT tools for adults' educational purposes, how to design, develop the ICT tools supporting the education. The second main goal is to train participants on how to create and develop the online platform it would also allow participants to exchange their experience and competencies in the field of ICT tools for education. The activity’s goal is to develop the competencies of participants, to support their personal and professional development as well as give them opportunities for networking and learning about other cultures, religions, traditions.

The participants would be the active adult educators who want to develop their methodologies and the quality of their work. They would be over 25 years old, with communicative English. The activity would be involved 4 participants with fewer opportunities coming from each partner organization.

The training course will be led by Globers in Barcelona where English is quite widely spoken and an ideal place for those who want to learn English since there are a lot of language schools. On the other hand, Globers is an association promoting the concepts of development, inclusion, and the importance of volunteering, solidarity, and tolerance to foster social cohesion and cooperation between the different EU countries. The institution focuses on the development of institutional capacities for individuals and institutions through training programs, conferences, workshops as well as the creation of alliances with other regional and international institutions.

To sum it up, we will be glad to host this training course by creating such an intellectual environment with participants and trainers. We are hoping for an amusing and fruitful training course for all educators who will be in this program.

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This is a one-time action.
Starting on 2022-05-29 and ending on 2022-06-06.
From 08:00 to 08:00.

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