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Volunteering for FAIRbund in Germany

Our brave #Glober Judith from Spain took her back pack to hit the road again towards Germany!
Her European Solidarity Corps volunteer program has began!!
She will volunteer for 1 year in FAIRbund https://verein-fairbund.de/

The international kindergarten is located in the eastern part of Leipzig. Almost 50% of the children have a migrant background, and they come from 20 different countries. That is why the focus is on the intercultural education during their work.
As much as it is possible by the daily routines, the kindergarten operates as an open and barrier-free house where children can move freely. Judith will be working together with the educators, supporting their daily work with children. Other volunteer’s tasks will be to organize intercultural meetings, encourage children to learn about new cultures and languages, play international games.

That is the goal of the EU projects of FAIRbund: living and working in European countries and gathering new social and cultural experiences, developing skills, learning languages, making new acquaintances.
The European Union supports these projects. GLOBERS acts as a sending organization, and FAIRbund as coordinating and hosting organization. That means Globers support those who want to go abroad and FAIRbund those who want to go to Leipzig from abroad.
All projects have one thing in common: HAVE fun!
There is always something new to see, learn, hear and understand, experience, try out — and always a lot to laugh about.



Esta es una acción puntual.
Con inicio el día 2020-11-04 y finalización el día 2021-11-04.
De 08:00 a 08:00.

Acción publicada por:Globers


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