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Queering in Barcelona for 24 hours

Barcelona is a unique city in Catalunya, Spain. Specifically, It is known for its open-mindedness, inclusivity and prolific queer culture. While many cities and places in Spain have a lot of LGBTQ+ spaces, Barcelona not only has them but it combines and ties queer culture to a larger city culture. This blogpost offers you a glimpse into Queer places in Barcelona and provides you with a one-day guide.

  1. Place for information and education For knowledge about laws, policies and forms of activism that you can be a part of visit LGBT Center located in a district of . This is a save place for you to make question and just feel free to be as you are.
  2. Coffeeshops At Day It is possible that after some time you may get hungry so there are some suggestions for cool brunch. The first is ODD KIOSK ,this is a really Spanish think to just coach up on gossips from the household while you are buying newspapers and drink your morning coffee so in this place you can do booth enjoy art work, music, podcast and drink a really tasty coffee.
  3. Bars & Nightclubs at Night Candy Darling is a queer bar where you can stop by for a drink, quick bite and a drag show. They host drag performances, stand ups and concerts. These usually take place on the weekend but Candy Darling is lively and perfect for enjoying yourself and others every day. In general, there are multiple queer places you can visit during the day and night. Also, the city itself is bursting with feeling of freedom and acceptance, and you can feeling just having a walk around the city. This article is created as part of an Erasmus+ training «Gender Enders 3».

Nota publicada por: Globers


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