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Exchange of good practices-Erasmus+ Youth M Power

Greeks, Polish , Croatians and Spanish Youth Leaders gathered to dive in the Erasmus+ KA2 Exchange of good practices meeting (Short-term joint staff training) in Murzasichle/Poland 3–10.10.2020
Lost in the the beatifull Tatra mountains ,we aimed to create a safe international environment to exchange best work practices combining the assumptions of formal and non-formal education. Focused on refining the best effects and results of work in the context of creating tools based on drama and improvisation.

During the course, participants acquired knowledge and skills in the scope of possibilities offered by dramatic and improvisational tools and techniques, how to adapt educational programs and activities within the needs and assumptions of their local realities and how to create effective work tools on values, own resources and create appropriate group dynamics, how to use social inclusion based on the values and methods of non-verbal communication, theater and drama.

During the training Youth workers from FUNDACJA ACTIVE KIDS (Poland) ,INSTITUT ZA POTICANJE MLADIH (Croatia),HELLENIC YOUTH PARTICIPATION (Greece) and GLOBERS (Spain) joint forces to discuss unemployment topics, its influence on our life and it’s influence on our economic systems.
This initiative did clearly demonstrate young people’s enthusiasm, power and eagerness to carry out a range of actions!!!
Have a look at its amazing video!!


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