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Erasmus+ training course "Move On"

From May 3rd to May 9th an Erasmus+ training course “Move On” took place at Coma-Ruga, Spain. The project is dedicated to theater, specifically to improve the quality of working in the field of youth and theater for the employability of young theater artists and young people, promoting better learning of skills applicable at work through creative and artistic tools.

We used the non-formal education methodology which facilitated the development and acquisition of new skills, competences and attitudes. The course combined a wide range of methods coming from physical theater, team building, interactivity, and cooperation.

The training was built to explore the abilities of one’s body, work in pairs, collaborate in groups and learn to work in a big team. Also there was an MyDynamicMyActivity day, during which all participants had an opportunity to facilitate an activity, and to exchange their knowledge about performing.

The trainer of the project was Emanuele Nargi - expert, organizer and trainer of the National Agency of the United Kingdom, Erasmus + program and the Council of Europe - POT. He invented a career in experimental theater using arts and intercultural tools.




Esta es una acción puntual.
Con inicio el día 2022-05-03 y finalización el día 2022-05-09.
Desde las 00:00 hasta las 00:00.

Acción publicada por:Globers


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