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Social campaign #proudtobeamigrant for Erasmus+ project

On May 24th, youth workers and activists gathered together at Erasmus+ training course “International Dialogue on Migration” to create a social campaign. The goal of the campaign is to spread a positive message about immigrants and the process of migration.

For years the image of a migrant connected many diverse opinions and points of view. People migrate in their own country, change jobs, towns, universities, experiment with lifestyles, run from hunger, natural disasters and war. Migration could be a choice, but it’s not always a choice.

With a campaign #proudtobeamigrant our goal is to raise an awareness on migrant issues and change the negative connotation of migration. Migration means growth, change, cultural exchange and knowledge. People migrate for love and for peace.

To prepare a campaign, we made a workshop, hosted by a Latvian activist Victoria. She introduced the topic of social campaigns and talked about the structure. Using the structure, we developed a plan: it includes the message, the format, communication channels and a plan.

For this campaign we created posters with positive messages about migration and traveled to Tarragona – a big city to spread the message and take photographs for spread the message further. We also created a Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/International-Dialogue-on-Migration-101880645880387/ that will be used for dissemination.

We hope that together we are able to change the perspective on migration and spread the positive message! Join the campaign: share our post or create your own poster and publish it with a hashtag #proudtobeamigrant



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