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Erasmus+ Seminar Dykeversity

Modern feminism is redoing womanhood while queer activism is enlarging the idea of diversity. And yet, female masculinity did not find a place within feminism nor queer scenes. We are still not woman enough nor queer enough. That is why we are launching this project, creating the space for dykes to find our inner strength, define our own way of being female and our own and special queerness. We do not see any other way of living this process but from community empowerment and conflict confrontation. As we see it, becoming fearless towards conflict will build the tools for freedom of identity and expression in cultural contexts where we are still stigmatized.

We understand “female masculinity” as an umbrella term for a part of the spectrum of gender expression. Some had described it as masculinity performed by females, and others as an expression of femininity aligned with masculinity. For us, this gender expression can happen regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. So is this, that female masculinity includes women in sports, androgynous people, transmasc individuals, butches, dykes and everything in between. We want to target this community because it faces specific intersections of discrimination systems such as compulsory femininity, patriarchy and homophobia, among others. This intersection is not commonly addressed in feminist spaces nor in LGTB+ ones. We want to create the space to relieve from stigma as a community and transform female masculinity towards a positive value.

We are gathering 28 participants 12 different countries in Comaruga, Tarragona Spain from 16 abril to 24 april . This Erasmus+ project is co-founded by the Spainish National Agency and thanks to our partners :Latvia — Young Folks,Italy -Young Effect ,Hungary- Youth of Europe Association,Greece- You in Europe ,Romania- Youth Vision ,Georgia- ICPI Belgium-CODEC,Armenia- Youth Mix AIM
Create the space to relieve from stigma as a community and transform female masculinity towards a positive value regarding the ongoing social changes.

◉ Gain skills for emotional regulation towards structural conflicts.
◉ Create a community based on female masculinity as a positive value and reclaim its space in society.
◉ Raise awareness about the social specific position of female masculinity.

We will use a variety of non-formal education techniques such as: Storytelling, theatre, crafting, role plays, drag, and much more.

What is ERASMUS+ ?

Erasmus+ is the European Union program for education, training, youth, and sport. Organizations are invited to apply for funding each year to undertake life-changing and worthwhile activities. With the aim to modernize education, training and youth work across Europe, Erasmus+ is open to organizations across all sectors of lifelong learning. The Erasmus+ program runs across all EU Member States, European Free Trade Area/European Economic Area countries, and some candidate countries. These are known as Program Countries. Other countries, known as Partner Countries, can also participate but to a limited extent.



Esta es una acción puntual.
Con inicio el día 2023-04-16 y finalización el día 2023-04-24.
Desde las 09:00 hasta las 10:00.

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